To let or not to let that is the Question?

It it worth advertising a property in November ? I am wondering if it’s too close to Christmas and I might be better of waiting until the New Year? I have only ever rented in spring and summer so I have no experience of winter advertising.

Yes, most places have much higher demand than supply so why numbers may be a bit lower you should still find someone suitable.

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We had a tenant move in on 30/12 after a viewing on 22/12. She would have moved in earlier if referencing had been completed any quicker. Are you able respond to tenants who want a quick move?

Thank you good to have feedback. Providing the current tenants vacate the property is ready to go

may be start advertising 2 months prior. evening and weekend viewings tend to be less in winter.

Thank you for your reply. the current tenants are due to vacate on the 7th Nov but unfortunately are being uncooperative and not responding since receiving the sect 21. As such I can’t re advertise until I have confirmation of their intentions. :woman_shrugging:

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