Renting to Tenanats receiving Iniversal Credit

I am looking to rent a property via Open Rent, as they have a filter that suggests landlords that accept DSS tenants which I always apply. Can anyone tell me if I have any possible hope of getting accepted by a landlord? I’ve applied for dozens of properties with no luck of even
being considered, even though I’ve been willing to offer several months payment in advance and agreed deposit. I’m beginning to think it’s imposible, which puts me in a position of becoming homeless. Can anyone suggest what other options I have as I’m at present only working part-time but intend to work full-time once settled somewhere I can call home with my young daughter.

Getting a guarantor if possible would help your chances. The rent paid by universal credit doesn’t cover the rent in virtually all areas so landlords will almost certainly want a guarantor for security.

It’s a very hard market for most tenants so be realistic on the properties you would be able to afford/get.


Thank you for your reply Richard. Your suggestion of a guarantor is also proving difficult to achieve. Other than my parents who are both retired and not home owners as such, they don’t seem to fit the criteria required. Although I know they would be in a position to help me should I need support. I guess there’s not much hope for me.

There are agencies that offer guarantor services at a price of course.

Thanks for your reply. I have looked at these agencies and wonder if they are legitimate. Do you know of anyone who has successfully used them?

Yes I have a friend who used Helping Hands (or something like that) for her son who was renting accommodation when he was at uni. I think she was paying £80pm a couple of years ago so it’s not cheap but they had no choice.

It was Housing Hand.

Why don’t you ask the council for help, if you have a young daughter then they should be able to sort you out as a priority? Normally it is the single men who get put to the back of the council wait list.


Thank you replying Graham.
That is a lot of extra money a month for a guarantor, understandably, nothing comes cheap when you’re desperate. I have been in touch with the housing and made them aware of my situation. They say there is nothing they can do until I am actually on the street or have a baliffs letter, and advised me to look for accomodation myself. As I said, I think being on UC is taboo to landlords, plus with a young daughter in tow doesnt help. I think the majority of landlords would be more accepting of a dog. Emergency housing conjours up nightmare senarios to me - especially as I have a young daughter, if it were just myself, I wouldn’t be as concerned. The rental market seems so competitive with people offering over the amount advertised, which makes it even more impossible to find somewhere.
I guess I’ll have to keep trying even though I know it’s a waste of time…

Can’t you also get yourself on PIP, if you do so then there is no cap on the rent that can be paid by UC.

I’m not sure what PIP is?

It’s for people who have additional needs because of illness/disability so unless you fall into this category you wouldn’t be eligible.

It’s not something that you can choose to go on, it would have to be supported by medical evidence and opinion.

Personal Independence Payment. Its a government benefit, you have to have some kind of medical or mental condition then you can get £62/week, a car on motability scheme or a blue badge, and they can take the cap off the housing part of UC. So if there is anything wrong with you at all then you should apply for it, it is worth thousands.

I find a lot of the sights i have been to in sreach of this has just been a bunch of scammers and merely " clickbaiters". On in particular was Trovit because i do not see properties advised for people on UC.

Even DSS , im sure is a bogus site , it has the same properties that has been advised for over a year . I think some of these siites have been set up just to obtain peoples email addresses so they can bombard them with crap!