Who needs to be in for delivery of a new washing machine?

Hi - the old washing machine in the flat I rent out has died, so I’m getting a new one put in. I can’t take the time off work to be there when it arrives and have told the tenant that he needs to be there. The company says they can deliver at weekends as well. The tenant’s turned round and said he won’t wait in, and that’s it my responsibility. Can anyone tell me if that’s true? Thanks

The tenant is an a-hole.
They won’t wait in weekends?

I would ask for a date they will be available, and tell them they won’t get it otherwise.


It is ultimately your responsibility if you have supplied a washing machine. It is much easier if tenant does stay in. Some delivery companies expect you to stay in all day so it is fair enough for a tenant not to want to do that. I tend to use ao which give you a slot and online tracking in real time and a call 30 mins before delivery so there is minimal need to wait in so tenant may be ok with something like that.

a good reson not to supply white goods

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Technically your responsibility but to say categorically no on a weekend seems just awkward.

If they are paying top rent I may feel different perhaps.

Reasonableness should work both ways. You can book a time slot with some firms.


As above, its your responsibility. However, given their stance on this I might be inclined to tell them that you have asked the supplier to pause the delivery until theyre available. White goods are not part of your section 11 repair obligations, so it would be harder for them to take action against you.

Some companies do give a small time slot if you pay extra for it. Sounds like that might be your best bet under the circumstances.

A lot of tenants wouldn’t actually want the landlord sitting in their property unaccompanied, possibly all day, while they were out.

Bad luck that yours don’t seem to mind!

It’s a good opportunity for you to stay in the flat alone. Have a good snoop around! There will be a lot of interesting documents lying around. Just make sure there are no cameras.

Graham I like that comment . and wear gloves !

As a landlord, it is generally your responsibility to provide and maintain functional appliances such as washing machines in the rental property. However, in this situation, it sounds like the tenant is refusing to be present during the installation of the new washing machine.

One potential solution to this problem is to consider washing machine rentals as an alternative to purchasing one outright. This way, you would not have to worry about the installation, and the rental company would be responsible for delivering and installing the machine, as well as any maintenance or repairs. Rent Washing Machine Brisbane | AA Rental

Another strategy is to have a clear communication with the tenant that it’s their responsibility as well to facilitate the process, and both parties agreed on a suitable timing and days that is best for both of them. That being said, you can mention that the company can deliver it on weekends as well, and see if that can be convenient for the tenant.

Another strategy that can work is having a third party that you both agree on, to be present during the delivery and installation. This way, there would be someone there to accept the delivery and ensure that the installation is done properly, regardless of whether the tenant is present or not.

However, It’s important to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you are following the correct procedures for handling repairs and replacement of appliances.

Can you not have it delivered to your house then take it over when they are available?

Tenant most likely don’t want one of their weekend days ruined by waiting for something all day so I can see both points.