Requirements for new tenants

hi all,

do you think this is resonable list to ask for potential new tenants from my estate agent

Must not have any/previous CCJ’s.

Must have a regular income.

Prompt full payment every month on or before the due date (pref set up a standing order).

Must Not be on Benefits.

Must have a Full time job.

No guarantor as that means they may struggle to pay.

To not cause any nuisance to the flats in the block.


yes that should put everyone off :laughing:

What’s automatically wrong with previous CCJs? We’ve all made mistakes. Having a previous CCJ might actually indicate that someone has turned their life around. I usually ask applicants whether, if I go looking, I’ll find anything. If they say no and something turns up, they’re out of the running. If they admit to me that, yes, years ago they got into difficulty but they managed to sort it all, then they’ve already begun to build trust with me and that’s crucial for the T/LL relationship.


You cannot state must not be on benefits - this is now held under discrimination and could see you in hot water. Possibly saying must be in full time work could also be seen in the same light.

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Takes a heck of a lot to get a CCJ, many letters, a lot of chasing, a lot of avoiding responsibility. It’s more than just a mistake. It shows what a persons attitude towards debt is like.

I’d rather them not do it to begin with!

Only stays visible for 6 years anyway, provided it’s paid off in full.

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Some of this list is redundant, some of it unlawful and some not verifyable by an agent. Do some more research before setting your criteria.


To be entirely fair and accurate, it only shows what their attitude towards debt was like.

A previous CCJ suggests to me a lack of care with finances and therefore a risk. I wouldn’t let to anyone with a CCJ.

The things is , you don’t have to stipulate any of that. If your property is even half decent, you’ll have a large choice of potential tenants and can just choose one that fits your criteria. You are not obliged to give the others your reasons for turning them down

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