Rodent/Bird noise coming from loft of managed block of flats

Hi everyone and hope you can give me a little bit of your wise guidance!

My tenant lives in a top floor flat. From that flat is a small hatch to the loft which is never accessed by him or me as the loft is a “communal space” and is the responsibility of the management company as is the roof, rafters etc

Some months ago my tenant complained of hearing noises above his bedroom and suspected some birds had entered the roof space via some fascia boards which had deteriorated and needed replacing.

It took a while for the management agency to arrange a repair but this has been done now. They assured us that the area would be checked thoroughly once the work had been complete.

However, my tenant claims the noises are still intermittently there. This has been reported back to the management agency who are asking us to investigate the loft for signs of what animal or rodent might be up there.

I have communicated to the management agency that I do not feel it is our responsibility to investigate the loft-am I being unreasonable?

I have also emphasised to the agency that any reported incidents of animals in the loft could jeopardise the roof structure and that that is their responsibility to investigate and deal with.

As any creature could only have gained access through the exterior fascia (which had been poorly maintained) I am interested to hear your thoughts on how you would deal with this.

The agency have threatened me with charges should a pest control company come out and find no signs of any animals in the loft!

you do not own the roof space .They cannot charge you. .Load of codswollop