Roof insulation for House of Flats

Hi All,
Looking to purchase a flat in a large house converted into 6 1bed/bedsit flats.
The flat I’m looking at is the top most attic conversion and has the sloping ceiling below the roof.
The EPC is F and untenantable although I’m aware the Council had rented it most recently.
The lack of roof insulation is the mosy obvious culprit for such a low energy rating.

Would the Freeholder be responsible for installing this insulation, given that he must follow MEES regulations and that its a structural change i.e. betwern joists etc rather than just the inner surface that I as a Leaseholder am responsible for?

Any thoughts or advice? Anyone in or have been in a similar situation

Good luck getting that from the freeholder. I own a house in three flats and renovated the top flat in the roof space. Insulation in between the rafters and re plasterboarded. Well worth it . An EPC rating in the C range with no reccomendations. Also helps that I sell insulation slabs. Go for it !

You will end up paying. Unless the costs stack up, this doesn’t sound like a good btl prospect.

I also insulated the floor. of the flat