Rude Landlord - Openly rude discussion

I’ve had a landlord say he doesn’t like me even though he hasn’t met me and we have never spoken.
Is this acceptable?

I enquired about a listing stating that I was student and was happy as the property was commutable.

And he declined the enquiry with the response “didn’t like the tenant.”

How rude.

Yes that’s pretty rude, maybe he didn’t want students?
I doubt he realised you would see that message, if I remember rightly it’s not clear.

His property his choice though.

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That is a disgrace . You do not need that type of Landlord If I do not want someone I say “sorry I cannot help you” and I leave it at that

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Yes that’s definitely rude. To be fair, as Mark mentioned, they probably didn’t realise that the rejection message would be shared with the prospective tenant. Plus if the landlord was receiving a high number of enquiries, they probably didn’t put much thought into their messages anyway. Hope you find something!


It certainly does come across as rude.

However, it could be that English or grammar in general isn’t their specialised subject and it could mean that they substituted the word ‘like’ to mean they weren’t interested, maybe?

By ‘not interested’, meaning they had already agreed a let, and just putting anything to get the boxes filled.

I don’t see how it could be personal as there’s nothing you have said to illicit that response.

You are clearly quite literate and articulate and they simply don’t have the same skill set.

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