Section 21 ... Certificate of Service


Very unfortunately because my tenant will not pay her full rent or apply for a DHP from the council or even speak to me, I have had to issue a Section 21 back in April. I have tried so very very hard to help her sending her links etc. I have even asked her if she would like a rent reduction and she just ignores me. I can do no more! I am looking at an Accelerated Possession Order and the form requests that a Certificate of Service is supplied. The OpenRent AST states that notices may be served by email. The government website states that “either a Certificate or Service” can be completed or by writing on the notice “Served by *** on the ***” will be sufficient. I was unfortunately away from the area with my ill mother and could not return to the area of the Court to request a Certificate of Service (has to be done in 21 days). The Accelerated Possession Order has a checklist and one of the items seems to be proof of service. I would have thought email evidence of the notice being served would be enough. Has anyone had experience of this problem?

I wouldnt count on it. Its not advisable to serve notice by email. Emails are apparently easily faked. Most landlords post them from a post office and get a certificate of service.

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I have no faith that the government website is giving out the correct information. I think I am just going to issue a new Section 21 and get the Certificate of Service. My tenant replied to me on that occasion so she clearly received it but I suppose its about following the laws to the letter. I also emailed photos of the notice so they could not be altered. Its annoying how landlords have to tick all the boxes getting Certificates of Service from specific courts in a record 21 days but my tenant doesn’t follow any rules! Thanks anyway.

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My tenant continued to default on her rent. She refused to meet me, refused to apply for DHP and I eventually got someone from the council to contact her repeatedly. Turns out she had had a new car and was paying her car loan instead of her rent. Universal Credit call handlers have accused me of fraud in the past because she did not change her address on her journal. UC do not want to communicate with Ll’s its not in their interests too, Lls are paying out billions to provide free housing and insult to injury high mortgage interest! They have taxed the soul out of us and it appears DHP are on average only paying out a few hundred if lucky. I dont believe anything I see on the .GOV website. They do not have enough social housing so they are happy that Ll’s are footing part of the bill. To add insult to injury Ll’s seem to be unliked by society !!! Next time I rent I will not want any dealings with the UC system.

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