Social Housing Neglect

I am sure most of us have heard of the tenant of social housing dead for over 2 years before being discovered. This serves to highlight how the social housing sector has got by without all the rules that apply to private Landlords. . If that were us we would be hung out to dry

I agree, and have found councils and housing associations to often be quite poor landlords. They know that most of their tenants are unlikely to do any more than moan about things to themselves, so get away with very poor practice.

I agree, but on the other hand I don’t think the landlords here are fully represesentative and there are some terrible private landlords out there. I rent out a flat in a council block where maybe 70% are still council flats, and I guess the only person who ever cleans the graffiti off the lift is me, the only person who ever picks up rubbish in the lift lobby is me, the only person who ever sprays air freshener in the lift is me! the council have done some things but the environmental people who work for the council are big burly guys who don’t really want to do a job picking up litter, etc. hence the place is a mess. As for the tenants… they seem to only create more mess, maybe they look after what is inside their front doors but the public areas are horrific.

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