Why do they trash the property

I can never understand this sense of hard done by, by some tenants. Do they often think all landlords are fat cats. Often when you see them on TV it’s like the landlord had actually done something wrong to them. They seem to hate us, although myself and many other landlords I know go out of our way to give a tenant the benefit of the doubt, preferring to maintain a cordial relationship with them for as long as possible.

Then the senseless act of actually trashing the place before they leave. I’m not just talking about leaving the rubbish behind, but not even bothering to fill the bins that the council provided.

Lets have a discussion on the worst thing landlords have ever seen.

I once had a tenant that deficated in a frying pan and left it on the hob

Another time after eviction I counted and disposed of 58 car tyres from the back garden

Many years ago my Mother had her jaw broken by a tenant.

Also many years ago we had 3 flats burn down, but it was in the days of paraffin heaters.

Anyone got any nightmare stories to tell us.

Gosh Tracey you’ve had a lot of experience!

Yes, it is very easy for the media to portray a ‘landlords are bad’ narrative. We know that the facts tell a different story, with over 80% of tenants happy with their property according to the English Housing Survey.

The NLA are currently running a campaign to fight this stereotype.

Lots of the media is pro-landlord though, it must be said. Property sections are all full of landlord tips and property investment advice.