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Sorting viewings


Hi all, newbie here
Is there an easy way to sort upcoming viewings?
I can see that I can filter by planned, but not a way to sort viewings.
So I had a guy contact me last week, who couldn’t view till the weekend, so I booked an appointment for him.
Now his enquiry is not on the front page so easy to miss, and even if I filter by planned, they’re out of order so I have to hunt through to find them.

Also, When arranging a new viewing, I want it adjacent to an existing viewing if possible to save me a journey. It would be super useful if a calendar/list of existing viewings came up when I’m prompted for the time of the new viewing appointment. It could also prevent me from double booking.


Hi @Jas,

Thanks for this feedback - it’s really interesting. Is there anything else that you find difficult to do using the enquiries page?

Can I also ask whether you’re using this on desktop/laptop, a phone or a tablet/iPad? Is it one or all of them? Is it easier to contact tenants and book viewings through one than the other?



I use both Desktop and Phone

A few other niggles are:
Tenants that leave voicemail, but then don’t appear to ever read/respond to textual questions. So my auto response questions go ignored.

Sometimes tenants enquire without triggering my auto response questions, so I have to manually copy and paste these from another enquiry.

Sometimes tenants get sent the auto response questions twice, I think once when asking a question, and once when requesting a viewing, but can’t be sure about this.

Tenants that don’t enter a name, very hard to tell them apart. I did get prompted to enter a name for one tenant once, but no idea what triggered this.

One the whole it is good, but with a few tweaks could be so much better.



I contacted Support this morning about exactly this. A calendar of what viewings were arranged.

It seems a very strange omission from the website. I was sure that I was missing something, and was surprised to find it didn’t exist.

Also when arranging a viewing, you should see which slots are filled so your new viewings don’t clash, and so you can place a new viewing next to an existing one. (My current flat is over half an hours travel time away from my home, so I would always want to group viewings together.)

It should also link to your phone calendar, to automatically create and update appointments for you there.

Just these few things would make the system much better to work with.