Temporary Accomodation During Repaies

Speaking on behalf of relatives in England.

The property they are renting have needed urgent repairs for years now. I was able to get the council involved and push the agents to make repairs.

Contractors from the agents side advised that the tenants needed to be temporarily relocated.

After another hard push, the agents arranged for temporary housing. It’s a very cheap hotel kept to really poor standards, a lot of reviews regarding bed bugs and mould. There are also no kitchen or washing facilities and they would need to be out for at least 3 weeks. The tenant also checked out the place and it matched the reviews.

I was under the assumption that the tenants could expect something similar to the property they are currently renting. The council doesn’t seem to care that the hotel is of poor standards and the tenants would be without cooking/washing facilities.

What are the tenants rights here?

I am not aware of any absolute rights. I think its by negotiation and based on what the tenancy agreement says should happen. If they are out of pocket due to having no cooking facilities then they can ask for a reduction in the rent theyre paying whilst theyre out.

alternative accommodation need not be provided at all even if it is a emergency issue unless stipulated in your contract.
There are main criteria for for landlord to maintain certain basic facilities Only if he was made aware of on time for the remedial work, so can win over these if u justify them