Tenancy enquiry

ive lived at a flat in greenock since jan 2020 but my tenancy ends i december,can i move out before as ive read some things on internet on this, but is this the case or not, or does this apply only if the landlord states it in the agreement?

Do you have a break clause?
If so maybe
If not and you signed a 24 month contract leaving is at the discretion of the landlord

Check your contract carefully, some contracts will let you leave after a certain amount of the tenancy is served, and require a period of notice, something like 28 days.

Definitely worth speaking to your Landlord in person, as no matter what your contract says, they may let you leave earlier, especially if incentivise them, you could offer to spring clean and keep the property ready to show condition, offer to show prospective tenants around yourself. If your Landlord finds another tenant, there’s no point in making you stay. If you have let your flat though an agency, and the letting agent is indifferent, you can find out who owns your flat by going to the land registry ordering the info, then find their contact details online.

Good luck, hope things work out for you.

The law in Scotland is different. I think tenants are allowed to give short notice at virtually any time. Check with Shelter Scotland.