Tenant not paid rent and smashed window

My tenant is behind on her rent for a few months. Last week a brick was thrown through the window (she admitted by her ex boyfriend however there is no proof)
The window has been measured and we are waiting for the glass to be made so a new window can be fitted, which of course I had to sort out.
I reminded her about the unpaid rent and she said she will pay it when the window is replaced. So basically she is holding the money until the new window is fitted even though her rent payment are nothing to do with the window.
What should I do in this situation? ( the new glass is going to be 2 weeks and I’m sick of waiting and now she’s using the window as a means to hold rent)

It is illegal for a tenant to withhold rent for whatever cause ( even if you were not going to do it)
Do you have a guarantor?
You can serve an eviction notice
She is never going to pay her rent
You can speak to Gothard Rowe and see if they can mediate on your behalf
Personally I would find a new tenant
I would tell her she has to pay for it in advance. This is damage caused by the tenant ( guest is tenant’s responsibility). Why are you footing the bill?

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