Tenant demands new mattresses

Hello again
Several weeks after moving in, tenant found mattress uncomfortable and requested new ones. I advised him that he can purchase his own mattress, and keep them at the end of the tenancy, as long as he stores the existing ones.
He now wishes to ‘discuss the tenancy agreement’ as he expected the flat to be fully furnished and that includes ‘usable’ mattresses.
What are my obligations as landlord?

Was it fully furnished on the tenancy agreement? If so then yes you are responsible.
Mattresses can be got pretty cheap. Personally I’d just ask what firmness they want and buy it and throw old one away.

“useable” is in the eye of the beholder. What is ok for one may not be for another . You supplied a mattress. What if he finds the sofa "uncomfortable "?

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Thank you for your comment, Chris52
Two mattresses.
They already requested (and got) a new washing machine, replacement taps, re-clean of carpets.
I am concerned the demands will never stop.

It sounds like you are probably correct in this assumption.


‘’You don’t have to replace the mattress just because he feels they are uncomfortable. That is subjective.
Also they have been in tenancy several weeks. If they were uncomfortable would they not have been on day one?
I agree with Marc they can replace but store yours so yours is not damaged and they can return at the end of tenancy . Make sure that is all documented.’’

This was my original reply to your original post. I also wrote you will poke the hornets nest when you refuse as you already set a precedent of behaviour.

If you did reply to the original request as we suggested do not answer the question a second time ( this is now psychological warfare!)
If you did not respond the first time reply :-….

The flat is furnished as per inventory. ‘The mattress is usable’ is subjective.
The mattress shall not be replaced.

(In law you have to maintain the inventory . The mattress was not new on arrival so they cannot expect a new one! It works !!!
Should they wish to purchase a new one they may but they are responsible for storage and must return it in their departure in the condition provided save wear and tear .)

You are just going to have to stand your ground .

Tenants have a habit of tautology as they think this will achieve the result they want. Not answering the question a second time demarcates your boundary and means you mean business. Their repetition is tantamount to bullying you.

Speech is silver… silence is golden!!
Your silence will be your strength.