Too big a risk?

Opinions please ??

A prospective tenant forewarn’d me they had a couple of CCJ’s they claimed from
parking tickets.
And offered his mum as his guarantor which she’s agreed.
However is his credit check shows three CCJ’s two are recent from 2023 one of which is for £9,450
Clearly more than a parking ticket my gut feeling is to walk away despite a guarantor ??


Wow Walk away If somone has a ccj and you take no notice of it, a lesson will not be learnt. Maybe it was for unpaid rent?


Agree with @Colin3 to walk away. However you might want to give the prospective tenant some feedback about the reason - the recent CCJ for £9450 and see what the reaction is.

If they come immediately back with an excuse you’ll know that they knew. If they are shocked, and they were not aware of the CCJ then you might have done them a favour. There are many default CCJ’s out there which have gone to an old address and the recipient hasn’t a clue about them. Would give the prospective tenant the chance to apply for a set-aside - or at least be aware their chances of renting have just taken a dive.


Don’t give reason just walk away, the more you get involved the more you will get tied up. Life too short.


Thanks Guys,

My gut said walk away I guess I just needed the confirmation that It was the right decision.
I am always willing to give people a second chance if I think they are genuine but having messaged him with no reply. It’s a NO from me.
I wonder if his mum who was prepared to act as guarantor is aware of his position ?!

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You don’t get that from a parking ticket that is serious credit issues!

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One CCJ would be enough for refusal. In this country people are given plenty of warning before CCj is issued. And evicition by S21 doesn’t even result in CCJ. You’ll need to go to court for unpaid rent later to give them one. We just refused a guy with supposedly one CCJ for 3K. And we didn’t spend £20 to verify how truthful he was.

I’ve noticed a pattern with those with CCJS - they try to win you over with over the top friendliness.

Had one smooth talker type who had £20k in CCJS he failed to disclose upfront.

Learned my lesson on how to spot em now!


don’t walk away.

Run instead


As it happens both he and his mum failed referencing.

Yep walk away. This is why I’m urging every cheated landlord to go for CCJ’s to eventually turn the tide on these people scamming us constantly.


How much was it? £30 for both?

Agree. Unfortunately, it costs money, which, in most cases, LL will never see again. So, some of us may consider it spending good money after bad one.

No question. Walk away. You can give an explanation if you want.

Run for the hills don’t look back

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Avoid guarantors. Worked in lending and if a borrower didn’t pay almost 95% of gtors didn’t pay the loan for them either. Ask yourself the question “why am I considering a tenant with a guarantor”. It’s because there is, or you predict, an issue with the tenant. Avoid em

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You know what to do know!

It’s really disappointing that all landlords have that attitude, my partner had a parking ticket from a previous property, when these private companies send letter to a property they do not know if the person still lives there, it can cause enormous amounts of problems, this should not be aloud unless they know for a fact that the person resides there, for people like my partner having left a property to move down south, and having no knowledge of any court hearing due to moving out… How is this possible a £25 parking ticket and a company sending details to the wrong address… Then unbeknown a ccj arrives on her credit score… This affects someone for 6 years… This is not right… The law needs changing…
Affordability should be just that… Not diving into personal details, why should a parking ticket stop someone from having a home… Its disgusting… Large debts and ivas I understand but parking tickets!!!

In my experience the ‘ticket’ is posted to the registered keeper address. When you move, you update the address with the DVLA. How come your partners ticket was sent to the wrong address? Where would they have got a wrong address from, if he had done the admin? If he hadn’t done the admin, then it appears the CCJ may have been correctly registered, and this would demonstrate to a potential Landlord, that your partner was ‘not the best’ with his admin, in which case maybe choose a different tenant.

I agree it seems harsh, but when you are a LL renting out a house you might have 50 enquiries to deal with an you need a way to quickly filter them down, so anything requiring you to do investigations into why this or why that will mean that applicant gets rejected as there are so many others with easier to understand backgrounds