Tenant referencing documents


My tenant has sent the documents for referencing as they couldn’t reply to the email sent to employment checks, how do I proceed? What happens once I click on Accept references, will I still get an email report sent for the referencing checks?


Hi @Satya -

If you accept the references before they are completed, we’ll still continue to process them, and they’ll be sent to you once completed. However, this isn’t advisable, as signing the contract before having a complete referencing report means you aren’t making a fully informed decision on the tenants.

Any documents sent directly from the tenant can be doctored, which is why we don’t accept such documents ourselves and speak directly to the tenant’s bank, employer, previous landlord as well as the credit agencies.

My suggestion would be to wait for the reports to complete. If you want us to cancel the employer checks (because the employer is unwilling to provide references) we can do so and the reports will be sent to you straight away. The employer can also do this themselves. Otherwise, we’ll give the employer a few opportunities before doing so automatically.


Considering the limitations with the prospective tenant’s employer, I don’t mind cancelling this one check in this case. If we have alternate options to perform these checks, happy to proceed with that.

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