Employment references issues

My employer has a policy that they cannot click online links to provide a reference which open rent requires them to do. I’m in a difficult position, and my employer has provided open rent with a letter reference in lieu. I’m not sure if this is sufficient, but I really need to get the checks completed in order to sign the tenancy agreement. This has been going on for a week and my current contract expires next week and so I need to really get my checks approved in order to move. Can you let me know if the letter reference is sufficient?

I understand that there is the option for them to type in a website address and enter a code which allows employer to then enter the required details.

This avoids need for them to click any links.

Your employment contract expires? And not being renewed?

I meant my current tenancy agreement. Also, anything that involves the company going on another website is prohibited as they seem to take security measures to draconian lengths….

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