Thoughts on Guarantors

So as a tenant looking for an apartment I’m coming across more and more landlords asking for guarantors, even for those who are in full time stable employment. I work for the local authority in a professional role with a decent wage, good credit and references, but apparently that’s no longer good enough. Wondering on others thoughts on this.

Sellers market.
Also landlords are being extra cautious due to potential law changes which may result in making harder to evict, therefore landlords are taking the most secure low risk option. If you look into it you will see why.


vee .Just go with the flow if it gives you a better chance of getting a place

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Hey Colin cheers for the reply, honestly though, where do professionals get guarantors? I’m lucky enough not to be claiming benefits so shelter etc. are not an option for this?

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mums, dads, bros, sisters ?

Only child and parents are estranged! My mates, I don’t want to put them in that position or pressure to say yes.

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Vee there are companies that offer guarantor service.

Grandads grandmas /?

I have been a Landlord for 40 Years and have only taken one guarrantor in all that time . However its not unusual to have tenants of 9 or 10 years with me . Even one for about 22 years. I prefer to go by my gut feeling about people

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Nope… not doing very well here! My last rental was coming to renew and he was considering selling and I wanted the stability. One of my work mates was struggling with her mortgage so it worked to lodge for a bit. Now I desperately need my own space back the rental market in Hampshire has rocketed and either the good properties are snapped up on here and LLs don’t reply or are wanting guarantors!

Try Mark 10 s idea of a guarantor service company. I have had no experience of this

Any you have experience of?

@Vee never used but had this back from one previously:

All of our contracts are for 12 month durations therefore if the AST is for 6 months and the Landlord chooses to extend this by a further 6 months our guarantor will cover this period. Any extension beyond the initial 12 months will require the tenant to sign and pay for a new contract with ourselves when the time comes.

Plenty of others if google

Do you have any chance of buying a small property?

I got mine with Rent Guarantor and they’re really fast with a decision, once you upload your documents.

There are Co that will guarantee your rent but they want 20%.
I cannot understand how Vee wouldnt pass referencing where the LL can then take out insurance.
Any Guarantor is only any good if they have assetts.

It also depends on the referencing criteria used. For example, my ref co requires 35% of tenants gross income to equal/greater than their rent. With gaurantors this reduces to 25%. You may need to look at cheaper rent levels so if youre unable to provide a gaurantor.

Of course there may be landlords who want a gaurantor regardless of income and I would personally not want to deal with these types of landlords.

Have a chat with a landlord of a property youre interested in and Im sure he/she will explain their reasoning

why would you not want to deal with a landlord who required a guarrantor regardless of a good income?

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Having looked into more guarantor companies like rent guard, it seems that they may not be a replacement for a regular guarantor. Their responsibility ends when the tenancy ends, so if the tenant stopped paying rent and didn’t move out after term ends then they are not liable.

Actually I assuming this isn’t the case with a standard guarantor? (If using NRLA guarantor contract for example). Anyone confirm? I would assume that most guarantor contracts would extend the liability beyond the end of the fixed term.

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I just find it quite condescending and it would tell me something about the character of the landlord. Ive been a tenant in the past so I can see it from both sides.