Unprotected Gas meter

Hello all. Is it okay for me to rent a house with the gas meter located in the bedroom and unprotected?

What do you mean by unprotected. Ive never seen a meter in a sealed housing if thats what you mean. It should be fine in the bedroom provided there is a recent gas safety certificate.

a lot of gas meters are hallways , under stairs. in kitchens . Usually boxed in cupboard

Thanks for your response, David. I mean it’s unboxed. It is sitting on the floor, in a corner of the room, and I can see all it’s parts.

Collins, this is exactly my point. The bedroom seems an unusual place for a gas meter and it is also not boxed.
I am wondering if it’s safe. The agent said it’s been in the room for years but she’s not sure what the regulation says about it.

sounds like a really great agent. the gas meter location can be anywhere in house. it does not need to be in a box, that is just for cosmetic purposes. they key thing is that as a new tenant, you have a right to see a gas safety certicate, which now have to be done before each new tenancy. so ask to see this, make sure it was done recently (during the void period between the old tenancy ending and yours beginning) and read what it says on the certificate carefully.

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Gas c/h boilers can be in bedrooms as well

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Thank you for your contribution. I will ask for the certificate.

I understand that a gas safety certificate is annual, and only a gas safety inspection is required between tenants, and are different things. Can anyone produce evidence actual gas safe cert needed between tenants?

I dont think anything is legally required between tenants. The cert is once a year and that should have been given to the tenant before they moved in. If it wasnt, then the landlord has fallen down in their duty.

Mark is right, gas inspection required between tenancies

Can you pont me to that requirement?

Have a read of this;


Note change of URL.

It looks to me as though the HSE are recommending a visual inspection by the landlord as part of the re-letting and there is no legal requirement for an extra professional check. Otherwise you could have a situation where a tenant moves in just before the annual safety check is due and you have 2 inspections in the same week.

Seems like a visual inspection only between tenants, with not specifying needs to be a professional. There’s the issue of accountability though.