Unwanted Loiterers - advice wanted

Hi All,

We have a property in London E5 and have, since last summer now, had a problem with drug takers sitting inside our porch. They get their drugs very locally (there’s a newsagents a few doors up and the dealers are outside). Most days the same woman scores there and the nearest place to sit and smoke her pipe is just inside our doorway. She’s abusive, won’t move for the residents and has left several disgusting biohazard messes for us to clear up. She has also been joined recently by friends who litter empty drinks cans and drug wraps. My tenant is a young lady who is very scared, and there is also another young lady there too. The police aren’t interested at all and while I would like to, taking the law into our own hands is unwise.

For practical reasons putting another door in front of the porch is not going to work, neither is a gate at the end of the walkway onto the street (if we make it lockable, we won’t be able to get post/Amazon deliveries etc…). We put a security motion light in, but all it did was make it easier for her to see what she is doing!

Has anyone else had any sort of similar issue to this? I’m considering putting some of those anti sleeping spikes down on the floor but can’t seem to find them anywhere. We are at the end of our tether on what to do about this, any advice would be gratefully received, legal, practical or otherwise,



play classical music in the porch area via a high up speaker

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