Another great rental

I moved to a small, reasonably well kept place and have 2 other tenants. Landlord is mysterious:
We have no idea where he lives( the others have never met him)
No actual signature on contracts. They were emails that we have had to print off.
Wont fill in the above for one other co tenant to send to UC and open a bank account
No gas cert. Again. I know what to do but I will be indirectly evicted if I report him.
One tenant lovely, one dubious, I think drugs are involved. What can I do?
Any help or ideas ? Appreciated.
I drop and shake my head at the problems related to this rental lark.

Who let the property to you?

Why “another”? Do you seem to attract such unlucky situations? Playing by the rules is in LL’s interests, so what you describe is out of ordinary.

Tim, if you can see my previous topics youd see what I mean. Ok so I live in small houseshares like alot of low income people but I really dont think it should be that its almost a punishment because it feels like one! Theres alot more people struggling now too and your base your home whatever it may be needs to be a stress free as anyone elses.
Im a quiet home loving house proud and older person, dont want drugs in my ‘home’ nor big discussions with my LL.

David, it was LL direct.


If you share or do not share we all should have a peaceful life A renter should know the Landlords address

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Sorry you’re going through this. When we rented a shared accommodation, we had our share unpleasant neighbours including a mеnta11у ill person who thrеatеned my partner with кnifе, several off their heads роt smoкers with extreme noise sеnsitivitу and a guy who brought ргоstitutеs for a noisy sех most of the nights.
But we just took it as part of life and got on with it. At that time, TT didn’t have many rights, deposits were routinely not returned and you had to make-do with what you had. Now we’re in a similar situation, but as LL.

Hope you’ll find solution for your problem.

See the post entitled “Landlords Priority” seems the OP is on somewhat of a crusade to right all the wrongs that occur in rental

Will have a look out of curiosity. Thank you, Gary.

How did you and the landlord communicate initially? If it was through Openrent, ask them for his address/contact details.

Thats on behalf of a friend. Another tenant having rental difficulty. Wow I guess its what to expect as we deserve it huh? Being a renter not owner.

Thanks Colin. Yes I know its not right is it. Hes so evasive. Think I should just get out asap, cant be doing with it.

No you do not deserve it > I was a renter for a few years , then the landlady sold me the house I was renting and gave me a private mortgage ! have never forgotten her kindness. Now I have tenants I try to treat them fairly

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Ah thats a great story Colin Im so glad it happened for you (I get a kick out of acts of kindness call me soft) You deserved it. Youve always been such a decent person on here too thanks.

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