Update information and make it more clear on websites

I am writing this message to ask if openrent can be more up to date on information on websites. I ask this as on the website it stated if i move in during May I receive 2 weeks free rent or a £50 voucher. When I asked the agent he informed me he only knows about the voucher and the rent was a deal only for April which it did not state on the page so i could only receive the voucher not the rent deal received_1156503877825630|281x500

Thanks for your post.

We’re sorry to hear that a landlord might have posted inaccurate information on their advert - if you could let us know the reference number of the property in question we can follow it up directly with the landlord.

OpenRent never offer vouchers or discounts on rent - this is completely within the landlord’s control on their advert, but please let us know the above and we’ll follow it up with them. You can also email it to us at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions. Thanks!