WALES Landlord License is Needed?

If renting out a property with open rent do i need to have a certificate and complete the Landlord Course for a License?
or does open rent’s package cover me?

Hi Tess, landlords must be individually registered in Wales to let properties. We can’t do that with Rent Now, unfortunately. We ourselves also had to obtain a license to operate in Wales.


You do need to Register with the Welsh Government, but I don’t believe you need to do the whole course. That may be relevant to Landlords with many properties, but if you’re renting out your own property on a Converted Buy To Let, the course is not mandatory.

However I believe that Open Rent were going to provide updated templates for Welsh Landlords to use? Any news on that?

No, this is wrong. If you are letting property in Wales out via OpenRent, then you are almost certainly performing actions that require you to be licensed as a landlord, if you haven’t got a licensed agent doing the letting or managing for you. That’s been the case for 7 years. You need to complete landlord training, pay license fee and pass basic vetting to be licensed.

If you own property, you also need to be registered as landlord whether you manage yourself or have an agent.

The new contracts is a different thing altogether. Coming into effect today.

do not rent out in Wales

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We only have one tenant and it’s not a new tenancy agreement. We are registered as a landlord and thats all in order.