Wallpaper damage

So my tenants moved out last week. The place was newly wallpapered and painted a year ago when they moved in. I told them nothing is to be stuck on the walls with sticky tape etc and it’s in the contract too.
On the check out I noticed they had a Mirror stuck to the wall and when they have taken it off it has ripped a hole in the wallpaper Andy left sticky marks all over it. They then decided to paint over it and half of the room where marks were and now it clearly looks awful and patchy.
Wondering how much to charge. Was fresh before and only been a year. Does anyone have any good ideas how to fix the hole in the wallpaper. Flat is being sold so want it looking back to how it was.

only if you have a roll of original wallpaper will you be able to do a decent repair

It’s just a lining paper and painted white.

easy repair then , just cut a small squre in and repaint one wall

Cone on everybody has mirrors etc on the walls. Fixing these things is a bit of filler and a quick cover of the original paint. I always leave the remaining paint at the property in case of mishap or such as this. People have to live normal lives like we do and I have mirrors and pictures on my walls. They are paying good money for it and It isn’t rocket science.