Want to offer higher rent in return for shorter rental period

Is there a way to contact a landlord to offer higher rent in return for a shorter tenancy?

All of the contact methods fail because I select a shorter tenancy than is specified in the listing

I am interested in a property, which specifies a minimum tenancy of 24 months, but I don’t know the area so would prefer 12 months. I am willing to pay quite a bit more than the advertised monthly rent. and pay some of it upfront in exchange for a shorter tenancy. I can’t contact the landlord with this offer, though, because the contact methods I’ve found all use the qualifying questions as a filter.

I think the landlord would be interested to hear this as it looks as though they have reduced the rent twice recently as they are unable to let it out.

This is the sort of thing that would be very easy with a traditional estate agent so I am hoping that there is a way to do it in openrent.

You can send the landlord a message before viewing.

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