Waste water pipe onto neighbours property - 100 year old property!

Hi, there seems to be a waste water pipe running clean water onto the next door neighbours property, I think this is from the bath and sink. The house is over 100 years old so I can only assume it’s always been like this. The neighbours are asking me to fix the issue, however the work would have to take place on their property. Is this an issue for them or me? Surely if it’s always been like this then they should divert the water using pipes rather than me reconfigure the bathroom. Thanks for your help!

What has this got to do with anything? We are not boundary lawyers. Yes of course you need ti sort your pipe going into their property!! Unless your lease or deeds specifically allows this! Don’t waste our time please !


Thanks for your helpful reply Amy. Turns out it’s nothing to do with the bathroom as first thought - the mysteries of an older property!!

I suppose my question is, am I required to divert this unknown water source or are they?

That is too small to be waste pipe. Can it be the relief overflow from toilet cistern or boiler or water tank. If coming from your property you need to find out. It is so low down that it must be under a floor ?


Thanks Colin, yes potentially the boiler or something like that! Toilet cistern overflow is an interesting one. Time to get into the walls and investigate the source I suppose, I’ll try not to cause too much damage. The strange thing is, I’ve just been told this has only been an issue since late last year. Nothing has changed on our side which just makes me wonder. I’m only going off what the neighbour is telling me - which is limited.

The more modern loo s overflow into the pan . The old stile loos have an overflow pipe So if you lift the lid off the cistern you will see that it is going down the overflow pipe


If you have cold and hot water tanks in the attic, one of the ball cocks may be issue and simply not closing off and stuck. Or the ball cock in toilet cistern is caught, ie not closing off and is in continual overflow. Can you hear water?

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Thanks all, the neighbour has given more information and these pipes seem to be every half a meter all along the wall. I’m guessing some kind of outside drainage. I need to get over there and check if it’s a blocked drain in the garden or something. The mystery continues!

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now it sounds like cavity weep holes. But stlll no water should flow out.

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As usual the answers are coming from people who don’t know the law. Sorry to be blunt but that’s a fact.

Start by reading these.

Then find out what the source of the water is. And find some evidence of how long the discharge has continued and ask the neighbour to produce evidence of when they or their predecessors first complained about the water.

Or consult a solicitor who understands land law. Most of them don’t these days. The ones who do are expensive, allow £250 per hour + VAT.

these weep holes are there to allow moisture penetrating from the external wall to get back to the outside world before it crosses the cavity and causes damp on the inner wall. normally you are talking about mositure in air or droplets. so if there is a flow of water this indicates that way more moisture is making it through the outer wall than should happen, maybe there is a breach in the wall somewhere or some other source of water like a gutter depositing water into the wall cavity, or a leaking pipe. or maybe the neighbours are exaggerating. put a container out and collect the water to see how much is really leaking. if it is significant you should want to fix it as it could be causing structural damage to your home. certainly there is a lot of moss growing on that wall around the hole which could indicate persistent damp conditions.


Maybe get a couple of builders round for advice sounds an interesting issue
Water from sinks etc I refer to as gray water (sewerage being black)
First find the issue :grin:

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