What happens after Submit & Preview?

Hello Everybody,

I’m first time at openrent (OR) as landlord, could you clarify - what happens after I press “Submit & Preview” at the end of my ad? Will it get reviewed by OR admin or is it just saved in my account and stay unreviewed for publishing until I publish it?

Thank you

Hi @Anton2 - thanks for posting.

At this stage - it will show you a preview of your advert, after which you can decide to publish it or make further edits as you please. Hope that clarifies things for you!

Hi Daz,

so despite “Submit” title on the button my ad won’t be actually reviewed by Open Rent staff until I publish it, is that right?

Thank you

Hi @Anton2 - That’s correct. Submit is meant in the sense of submitting the form, and you’ll be given guidance on what happens after each step.

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Thank you Daz, all clear! :slight_smile:

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