Tenant given notice... What's the order to do things?

Hi, had a great tenant in but now they’re leaving; end of Jan. Bit of a loss where to start… Do I need to do anything yet other than agree day they’re moving out and when to do the check out report? Can’t find anything on open rent of a procedure to follow… Thanks!

Hi Ruth, sorry to hear your tenants are leaving!

You might find our blog post on mutually agreeing an end to a tenancy useful:


You can purchase and organise a check out inspection here:


If you need to, you can re-advertise your property on OpenRent by duplicating your original advert which will offer to copy across any previous details. More info on that can be found here:

Hope that helps! Just let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Elinor

Hi, I also have tenants moving out in February 2020 which is a real shame as they have been brilliant. However, as this is the first time I’m dealing with tenants leaving I was wondering when other more experienced landlords would start to advertise the property for rent in advance of their departure? Many thanks.

Agree the date Check the property… Agree about the deposit …freshen the place up… put it on openrent

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