Which HMO AST is the best to use?

I feel that the existing AST i presently use from the NLA is far to universal of an agreement and i have encountered floors in the AST from the NLA when using for HMO house sharers and i am in search for the number 1 best or most appropriate uptodate AST specifically for HMO sharers where one gives separate AST’s to each house sharer.

I have seen that the RLA claim to have such a AST yet i cant get to see a draft of it nor do i know of anyone who has used it either or if one needs to go searching elsewhere for such a specific HMO AST and the same goes for Inventory too.

If you are presently using the NLA AST for HMO use then you won’t be aware of the issues fully until a tenant opens you up on the fine print which is ambiguous to say the least.

Hi Andrew, I’d be intersted to hear what other landlords think, but just wanted to share that OpenRent has an AST for individual rooms in a shared property that should suit most landlords.



Can a print off a pdf version onto my pc and fill out offline then send via email do you know as it seems to imply it needs all doing online?