Why do they have to trash my house before they leave

Waiting for an eviction process to take effect and I’m dreading the state of the property. Shes a nasty piece of work, and she will do it for the sheer joy of it. I’ve taken her car reg in the hope that I might be able to find her to get her to pay. I know there is little chance, but hey hoe. When it goes to court couldnt the judge say, I’ve seen before pictures of the property, please ensure you leave it as you found it.

Does the judge hate lanlords as well or is it always about the poor homeless person, who made themselves homeless because it was to much trouble to chase Housing Benefit, refrain from smoking weed or having blazing rows with their partner, disturbing all the neighbors.

Of course these are just the bad ones. I’ve had many good ones, that stay for years. When they have a fault I jump to attention, I like my good tenants to be happy. If one is going through a rough time, I’ll be there, even looking after their kids whilst they go to the housing office, or driving them there. I’ve been known to find and bring the second hand furnisher. A bottle of wine at christmas or sweets for the kiddies.