Why doesnt Openrent respond?

I’ve messaged OR 3 times about paying for advertising but then it being paused before going live, I’ve had to call the bank for a charge back because there is no way of contacting them. The service has been awful.

Now I’m chasing an update on a referencing report as the employer has confirmed income, but im probably onto a loss cause.

Does anyone else use another platform for tenant referencing or advertising?

Have used OR problem free for numerous lettings. advertising, referencing & tenancy creation. I do really like it, and have had no issues, so fingers crossed this continues, as I have seen messages before suggesting that they are difficult to contact.

OR - Can you re-assure those using the service, like myself, that we do have the back up of contact when things go wrong?

@Rob11 - Can you check your spam / junk folders or your incoming email filters? We’ve replied to every one of your emails in a very timely fashion. Happy to put exact timestamps here, but it does just seem you’ve simply missed our emails. Let me know if you need more information, and interested to hear where they ended up.

@Karl11 - We reply to all customer contacts within the working day. If you email us, and we reply, you do need to have a working email address to see the replies. In theory we could make these visible from the website, but for the most part people do have working email / phones / etc.

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@Rob11 - Any luck finding the missing emails?

For a more exact timeline:

I can see you first emailed us about this originally on 26/03/2024 16:17 with an email “refund (5626588)” we replied to that email with a full response on 26/03/2024 17:57.

You then emailed us again at 01/04/2024 14:48 (bank holiday monday), and we replied on 02/04/2024 11:22.

You then emailed us again at 03/04/2024 18:50 (with a slightly derogatory comment about our service), and posted here the next day, to which I’ve replied and had no further response from you.

I did what you said and now i cant log into my account and its screwed all my viewing for tomorrow. I dont know who im suppose to see and i cant contact them to say anything. Its messing with my business, time and brand.

I asked you to check your emails? This would be via your email provider, and totally unlinked to OpenRent in any way whatsoever. It feels like you are keen to accuse OpenRent of malice, where it doesn’t exist.

Looking at your account, you seem to have created a second account. I’m guessing you intended to change your email address? You now have one with @gmail.com, and one with @icloud.com. If you log out and back into your @icloud account, you’ll see all your ads etc.

If you want support on changing your email address, let me know.

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I would add that when I messaged Openrent within the last few days, I received an emailed reply within minutes. Great service.