Worried Need help!


So ive been waitin on a landlord for him to sort my apartment out some of u may know but its still with the solicitor but not sure when this will be sorted.

Now he dont normally accept dss but for me he would. ive just been offered a job and because its in a restaurant i dont know what to do…

If i take it and then something happens and i leave the job or i get fired im worried the landlord would kick me out etc…

Main concern is what do i do?? i really want this job its 25-30 hrs a week starting next week but also worried about the days im going to need to take off got a feeling im going to get a message from him as a rush job mainly…

then i gotta go pick the partner up etc from luton with our daughter move everything in etc. Not seen her in 6 months so she was suppose to be coming down on the 15th of August i just need some help.

@Mr_T Your thoughts please?

Just found out my partner could be pregnant so not sure what to do.

Hi Rhyce,

Very sorry to hear you still haven’t got your apartment but congratulations on your job.

If your prospective landlord is happy to accept benefits would it be a problem if you needed to go back on them?

Did you mean you were worried about having to take time off from the job to move?

Suppose you could mention it to your employer. Or if you are working 25-30 hours if there could be any flexibility over your hours or days when the move has to happen. Maybe someone would swap shifts with you?

Have you taken the job?

Luckily enough for me @Mr_T they held the job until the move so im happy ATM but its this situation about the move im YET to move into anywhere and no one would touch me without a Guarantor and if you use something online they want u working full time for at least 3 months beforehand

so i dont know what to do :frowning:

Sorry not sure I totally understand and sorry for being a bit slow!

Your new employer has held the job even though you don’t have a definite move date?

If this is the case personally I think I would just get on with the job, as don’t suppose they will hold it open forever.

I assume when your move date does happen you will be given notice and can discuss with your employer then.

They sound as though they have been quite helpful so far and must like you if they are keeping the job open.

Are you thinking of applying for somewhere else to live rather than this long awaited flat?

The main issue is… No one else will touch me as i dont have a guarantor. so i dont know wot else to do…

are you going to take the job?

Guess the sooner you start the sooner you will get the weeks of employment under your belt which will look good.

Really don’t know what to say about your flat it seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of time.

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take the job . take the job

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Its just this current landlord said if i take the job it would make things more complicated when we get the place and said to wait out then get the job when we moved in.

well he would say that would nt he?

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This is true but there is NO ONE that would accept me with my circanstances :frowning: