Advice concerning a guarantor. thank you

I have been trying to find a property in Mortlake/Sheen to no avail. I can provide references and a deposit. I am on long term Universal Credit due to a long term health issue.

Throughout my search for a long term tenancy I have offered to pay more rent to cover extra insurance cover due to being on benefits and this being an issue for a landlord. I have produced a letter from Universal Credit stating that all rent will be paid direct to the landlord due to my health condition, I have even mentioned to potential landlords that I would have no problem with a viewing of the property I am in now, to enable them to see the respect and care the property receives via my son and myself.

But today I have come up against another stumbling block, a guarantor problem, this is where I need a bit of advice. I do not have a guarantor. So, I am now looking on line at companies that offer that service. Have any landlords had any experience of tenants who have provided a guarantor through a company providing this service?

Many thanks for taking the time to read.

Hi Donna, my husband and myself provided a company guarantor called RentGuarantor for my landlord as his insurance required it because hubby didn’t fully pass referencing, and this satisfied the landlord and his insurer. I’m not a landlord myself so can’t offer any feedback in that regard. Are the guarantor companies willing to assist you, ie, do you meet their criteria? Thanks and all the best of luck. Something will come through for you.


Hi Nicole, hope my response finds you well.

Thank you for your insight. I have met their criteria. Rent Guarantor is who I have been in contact with, I will continue down that root.

Thank you for your kind words.

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FWIW, my insurance companies increase my premiums if the council pays rent directly to me. This is because a tenant who needs the council to pay directly to me is a higher risk of not paying it themselves. The only tenants I have who do this are refugees who speak very little English and are managed by a housing charity I trust. I suck up the increase in premiums because I want to provide housing for somebody who’s vulnerable like this. That’s my choice and it’s an exception for good reason.

However if any other applicant said that they would have the council pay directly to me I would be asking why they can’t be trusted to pay me themselves from the benefits they receive.

Just for the record, all my tenants bar one receive benefits of some form.

Based on my experiences as a landlord I would advise you to not declare that the council will be paying rent directly to the landlord. It’s probably best to ask the landlord what their preference is.


tatemono, reading your reply it struck me how backwards the thinking is from insurance company. LL gets rent directly from the council, but it’s a higher risk? It’s direct, without a middleman! How can that be riskier? Lol! But, it’s my understanding tenants can cancel the direct to LL payment anytime and take the money for themselves. So maybe that it’s paid direct to the LL doesn’t make any difference to the insurance company, and the real reason for their rate is that the tenant is in receipt of benefits. This, knowing insurance companies as I do, is the more likely reason.

Donna28, I wish you the best in your search. I like tatemono’s advice to ask how the landlord prefers to receive rent. You’re doing all you can to show your reliability, good character, and intention. We had to jump through many hoops to get a rental, and we’re not even on benefits. I imagine it’s doubly hard for you.

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I have always had the benefit paid direct to the landlord due to epilepsy. A brain tumour triggered a stroke and epilepsy. I have recovered from the stroke and the medication now has the epilepsy under control. It has nothing to do with being untrustworthy. I wanted to ensure that in the event of my seizures which caused loss of memory others didn’t suffer, hence I put into place security for myself and landlord. If there is a shortfall in the rent I set up a direct debit to the landlord. Though now, I may ask the potential landlord how they would prefer to receive the rent payment, then explain my circumstances, giving the landlord a choice. Thank you.

It is on my records with Universal Credit that the rent should be paid direct to the landlord due to my medical history. I have always been honest about my personal circumstances when dealing with a potential landlord. Until being unwell I was working for Rolls Royce in London and MacMillan, until now I have never been out of work. I am truly grateful for the benefits I now receive, I do not see my changed circumstances as a ball and chain around my neck I see this as a different direction in my life. I still volunteer for Macmillan on the phone lines, and now design artwork to put on fabrics, I am also writing a book.

Unfortunately any tenant, regardless of whether or not they receive DSS, has the potential to be disruptive and cost you a lot of time, effort, energy and money. There really are no guarantees as it ultimately comes down to an individuals character, which is why I communicate with honesty and on a personal basis.

The fact that people receive DSS does not mean that they all share the same character traits. The same applies for people not receiving DSS. Not all of those people are trustworthy, organised, reliable or kind, regardless of how they earn their money. Every case is individual.

Thank you for your input, I appreciate you taking the time to read.


@Donna28 @Nichole
Just chiming in to say that you both sound so lovely & I really hope that everything works out wonderfully for both of you.
Reading your posts here and in other threads is honestly refreshing :relieved:


Hi Nichole,

Unfortunately individuals have disrespected the benefit system and it has made it difficult for those that respect it and are truly grateful. Though now, I may at first ask the landlord how they prefer the rent to be paid and then explain my circumstances, giving a potential landlord a choice.

I have a son who unfortunately stepped away from University due to ill health and is now after beating his ill health is training and on the mend. There is no sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself in our little family, so there are two of us that would be ensuring we have a happy landlord. Something will turn up when the time is right, there is a reason why I am finding it difficult to find a home, it will all become clear somewhere down the line.

Thank you for replying to my message and I wish you all the best, it was nice talking to you on here, and I hope you are happy in your new home. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your kind words, you are not chiming in. There should be more people like you that have nice things to say to others on here. There is no need for the hostility and nastiness I have recently read on here.

I hope all is well with you, the weekend is near I hope you have a great one. :slight_smile:


Amen Donna and thanks BasilPlant! I think some LL are jaded after horror stories, so I give them some slack on their perceived bitterness. We tenants can also be bitter, disappointed, and afraid so I think approaching with an air of cooperation is the best strategy. Those who don’t are red flags, to me at least. Xx I know you’ll find the right place, Donna!


I could not agree more! It’s always worth taking a moment to share a kind word or let others know they’re not alone. And I hope you have a beautiful weekend, too :bouquet:

It’s tough out here, and at times this process can feel rather grim, dehumanizing even. It’s easier to keep your head up and remain positive when you encounter another kind soul at it, too.


I agree Nichole, I have got angry with a landlord over a comment he made about wanting a long term tenant and was concerned that the tenancy would out live me. Oh, I am only 56, and a young 56 :smiley: Then declined the message so I was unable to respond. So there have been times I have come off here angry, doesn’t last long. I appreciate there are unsavoury tenants and landlords on here, not just on here in the world in general. If I can rest my head at night knowing I have not hurt anyone and I have done my best, that’s good for me.

I know there is somewhere out there, just have to be patient. Hope you have a great weekend.


It is tough out there Basilplant, and it can be soul destroying. When I feel like that, I take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Don’t get me wrong, I get angry and frustrated at others, but I can’t control what they say and do, but I can control how I deal with them or situations I find myself in.

Kindness costs nothing. But means everything.



Tatemono I just wanted to say what a kind soul you are, and thank you for your advice I will definitely take it away with me and use it for future communications.

Have a great weekend and thank you again.


Tatemono isnt typical of most Landlords. Most including myself would prefer to get money direct from the taxpayer than via someone on benefits who could spend it on other things then not have enough left to pay the rent so i think Donna is more likely to be accepted as a tenant in the future by having it paid direct .

You can say that again! :laughing: