1st DSS enquiry

To echo others I had to re-read your disgusting comments which are equally, if not more, offensive than anyone elses on here.

Trades people also train for many years. You are telling me you could plumb a property with water and central heating? That you have the mathematical and creative ability and know-how to build a piece of furniture etc.etc…

Quite frankly I don’t have the words to sum up your ignorant post.

I expect that makes me thick too, as you can probably also churn out a best seller in your tea break.

Take a good hard look at yourself.

Oh bless you, I was being sarcastic, ironic, it means the opposite view is put to the person.ie he said all DHSS are viewing landlords as lazy, sitting on their arses and that DHSS were unreliable in essence. So making a sweeping statement ie that all landlords were probably tradesmen.

Read the tone!!

Yes, I could plumb a house. I can replace a toilet, sink, replace a mini car radiator, I can deliver a baby too, site an Intravenous Infusion, take blood, I have an Art degree, ADI and taught people to drive, can do basic carpentry, I have put my own skirting boards on, hung my own doors, and decorated my home. All these things are possible, as a woman if you have no man to do it for you!!

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This escalated fast. Not sure if any of it helps the OP…


i do not believe you. " I bet you have no qualifications but ended up as a tradesman " is quite clear that you view this as inferior. It would be like me saying “I bet you have no qualifications but ended up as a midwife”. Clearly this is an arrogant statement. You are now trying to back track with statements that make no sense.


Thank you.

I guess Irony is lost on some on this thread.

Still, it got me noticed. Now looking for a nice landlord who would like to let a 2 bed or one bed flat to Two professional Ukrainians who are retired. They are truly delightful and would like to live in Bournemouth,Poole or Wimborne.

Any offers welcomed, my home is full already with 3 refugees who are also lovely …

Well someone did get the irony of the statement.

And it was only intended to say all claiments are individual, just as all landlords are.

I also rented my home, at one point my ex husband and I had two properties let. We were accidental landlords. He was a tradesman. Stained glass restoration, arty and intelligent. So believe me, it was irony, he was quite a nice person when he could keep it in his trousers.

Actually, i think midwifery is a bit like being a tradesman. So I would not take offense, it is after all a practical job, you just need an education at university to do it.

On a serious note UC claiments:

Over 50% are in work!
It is actually illegal to discriminate against them when adverstising a property to let, or so I thought.

It does not help Graham. But I have given up expecting any landlords to help. Why would they when they are running a business! it is dog eat dog out there. 20 people per flat or let.

Refugees have no chance. It will be up to people who don’t put money first like me, to accommodate them, whether in our homes or elsewhere.

I have to ask, why would someone fleeing a war torn country be so selective about where they would like to live, especially given the fact there is a monumental shortage of properties? Surely they should be appreciative of literally anywhere never mind wanting one of the most desirable areas of Britain to live??

“My country is occupied by the enemy and we risk being killed, but I refuse to leave unless I can go live in quaint market town in Dorset”.


Lynne, if you are considering this route make sure you know the full background of the tenant. Housing benefit is paid direct to the tenant not to the landlord, this in itself creates a huge risk. When things are tight will you still get paid?

Cue lecture on how this can happen with employed also…here we go….

I’m generally of the mindset thats it’s difficult to respect or appreciate something that you don’t have to work for to obtain.


Unlawful not illegal.

I’m sure more landlords would consider certain types of DSS claimants if they knew more about them in advance. This currently takes effort and in a hot market there’s no need to consider them, especially as gov stacks everything in their favour. Theres almost a need to have sub categories of claimants to make them easier to identify. Essentially the ones that have never worked or refuse to work to be avoided IMO.


Well then, as long as the world has truly wonderful people like you living in it, there is hope for ALL our futures. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Your whole tone is one of opinionated superiority.

It would appear that there is nothing you are incapable of (unlike us lesser mortals) apart from hanging onto a husband, but you have clearly never looked at your part in why he felt the need to look elsewhere.

We may all be super thick on here but we really don’t need it pointing out that not everyone falls into certain categories whether that is a landlord or a tenant.

If you were to read over recent threads people have explained why, but that information has been lost on you.

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It’s got you noticed for all the wrong reasons and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to deal with you however much they would like to help.

As you state your home is already full (for which you are receiving Government payments £350pm per person/family I believe, so a nice little earner for you) but don’t bother replying you are doing it all for free as I do not believe you.

Most landlords on here do not own 100’s of properties so even if someone has got one going spare for a deserving refugee, surely they will be more inclined to offer it to someone who does not talk down to them and is mutually respectful, rather than someone like your wonderful, intelligent, degree qualified, talented superior, self.

It’s a Goodbye from me.

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People who are running a business usually do so to improve the quality of life of them and their family, vast majority of landlords are tiny and are trying to create some sort of retirement fund

I would imagine that you have a tidy pension lined up so isn’t of any concern to you.

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right there Mark 10 it is the layabouts and never worked but capable of doing so that I want to avoid

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If you have no money what would you suggest, sleep with a tradesman to pay your bill? That was one option of just do it myself. Being a single parent is expensive. I need 2 jobs to survive and get a deposit to get out of the rat race of renting and paying someones mortgage.
You are right though. I am proud I did it. I am grateful I could help my girls on the property market so they could be equally independent from men and rentals.
I actually see nothing wrong with that, but I appreciate men are intimidated by strong women.
Gone are the days I bow down to a man. Never again.

I have found the only way to have a wee IS to take it out of my pants.

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“How to lose friends and alienate people” By Jue

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There was a "strong woman " at the till in front of me about 5 days ago, boy did she smell ! I am not a big guy but I am not intimidated by strong men or women ,You learn to just avoid them as you want to get on with everyone on an equal footing. I was once offered payment “in kind” but I just said I needed the money more…

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This one sentence answers it all.

In the meantime, the Strong Jue uses her strength to hijack the thread of a “weaker” TS. And indeed, who cares about some random local Lynne whith her desire to help the government by housing a DSS tenant when the refugees “would like to live in Bournemouth”.

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