3 months advertising without success

Are you allowed to readvertise your property after 3 months if you have not yet found a tenant?

Do you have to pay again?

Yes and yes, but do something different next time

Thanks for the reply.

In what way do you mean do something different next time - change photos, reduce the rent a little?? Anything else you would suggest?

Thanks in advance

Have you asked any of the previous viewings for feedback on the property? Re photos, if you aren’t already using professional photos then I would recommend that. And check that the asking rent is in line with the local market for similar properties. If you’re not sure, you can ask an agent for a market appraisal. There is a lot of demand for rentals at the moment so I’m a bit surprised that no one has taken the property after 3 months.

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If it’s detached and in a rural location I’d be interested in it👍 Not sure if I should hop on here this is my first time using this platform. Sarah

Had 11 enquiries, 6 with dogs, 1 a smoker (so all ruled out, as have had a horrendous with previous tenant and his “unknown 2 dogs”, 2 didn’t materialise and 2 were viewings. The one is now on a month’s holiday now so can’t ask and the other said they chose a different property nearer to where they worked.

Not professional photos but by all accounts, with the same photos I have not had problems in finding tenants hitherto. Have just added a video and floor plan. If need be will get some professional photos done in a couple of weeks.

Rent is on the slightly higher end of average, but the range in the area for a 4 bed detached goes from 1450 - 2,200 and mine was 1900, now 1850. Will lower again to 1800 shortly if no more interest.

Advert started end of Nov, so in my opinion December is not the best month to get people looking and then Jan is an anticlimax after Xmas.

It is a rural location - 4 bed detached with largish garden (just need to mow the lawn, that’s all), garage etc. Generally only 6-7 properties being advertised at any one time within a 5 mile radius.

I’m in the West Country.!

Hi im considering renting my 3 bed bungalow rural location

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