Abolishing Section 21

With the Renters Bill coming soon, I’m worried that I will lose my rights as a home owner and landlord. I have been offered a job in the US for three years and wish to rent out my home here in the UK during my time away. However, with the removal of Section 21 I’ concerned I will not be able to get my house back when I return. It appears that in the Bill tenants will be able to stay in my home indefinitely unless there is a breach of tenancy. If this is correct, I will be forced not to let my home and have it remain unoccupied during my time away. I hope I’m wrong in my assumption but if not, the Bill is total madness!

If there was to be no section 21 there would be a section 8
Ground notice 1 allows you to take back your property through the courts if it was your home and you can demonstrate it.
I would take legal advice but you would be in a better position than most, as it was your primary residence.

Make sure you do your checks thoroughly
Find your own tenant . Estate agents put in anyone as they are paid if the tenant is good or bad
Use a reputable estate agent to mange whilst you are away
Do you know an experienced landlord who can meet your tenant ?Experience counts for a lot !

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As A_A says, ground 1 would allow you to recover it, although you have to have the right clause in your tenancy agreement and there are other conditions. Look it up or use a decent agent to deal with it. I would also suggest full agency management as you’re not able to deal with crises yourself.


if its your primary domicile and you need to live there possession is a much more likely to go thru quickly. just try and get a good agent