About utility companies

I am renting out my current home and moving to a new one. I would like to move my current utility account to my new home and ask my tenant to sign up his own account for my current home. What is the best way to do this? If I move my account to my new home address before my tenant move in and sign up his own account, will the electricity and gas supply be cut off? How can I ensure a smooth transition?


In my experience Yuan, utility company accounts (e.g. energy) are linked to properties. So ‘moving your account’ to another property will actually just involve closing one account (for the old property) and opening a new one for the new property.

You just need to tell your current providers that you are moving out.

Utility companies very rarely cut off supply to residential properties for something as routine as a change of occupier, so I think you’ll be safe just telling the tenant they need to select an energy supplier. If they don’t, then whoever is supplying the property now will be in touch with the new tenants, at which point it isn’t really your problem!

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