Some advice about potential tenancy

Good Evening.

I’ve have two viewings today by the same possible tenants a man and his partner that want to rent out my 3 bed property. It was difficult due to a language barrier which was overcome by a third party on the telephone who then translated back into Bulgarian language and them a mobile phone translation app.
They also asked for a reduction in the rent by £100 less and a two year extended tenancy agreement and contact their present landlord via telephone for me to speak with regards to references.
They want the property but I’m a little uneasy about the experience today and due to previous bad tenants I don’t want to have any problems.
Could anybody give me so advice please. Thanks very much

An ast of 6 months is preferable. This can be renewed or revert to periodic.2 years puts you at a big unnecessary risk.

Dont go with any tenants that you have to convince yourself are ok, wait for the right ones. Communication is everything with tenants.

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I would not feel uneasy about the language barrier.

However, some questions would come to mind:

  • Are they permanently employed if they can’t speak English? What profession? I.e. would it be easy to secure another job without English proficiency?

  • Only a phone reference seems dodgy - how can you be sure it’s legitimate? Do an address search to check the details of LL etc. is the same.

  • Just be super careful to make sure you check affordability, don’t sign for longer than 6 months (absolutely NOT two years!), ask for proof of funds and the 6 months paid if you have reservations.

There are red flags here. Not necessarily because it’s something bad, possibly due to them not knowing how things work in the UK

This doesnt sound workable.

Do not do it Sounds not workable

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