Bathroom Pull cords or switch

Hi All,

I am looking to replace a pull cord bathroom light switch to a normal light switch but I looked around and it seems it is not as simple a simple change?

If so, do you think there is a point for rental flat?

Any suggestion helps!

put a new pull cord in

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A pull cord switch has cable to the ceiling, for a regular rocker switch the cable would need to feed to the wall. Creating unnecessary work imo. What’s the benefit?

Pull cord safer iE wet hands.

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If you replace it with a normal rocker switch inside the bathroom it would probably be a breach of electrical safety guidelines and your property would not pass the EICR inspection.

They are ok in terms of EICR as long as the right type (designed for high humidity) and not in the bath/shower zone iE 0.6m away

so does that mean if i put a socket at the far end of my 3m bathroom it should be ok also? I am planning to put a washing machine at the end of a bath tub that was a tiled cupboard.

have you asked this question once before?

Good luck with putting washing machine in bathroom, I would not sign that off .
As a electrical contractor that is a very grey area

Yes, but there are some differences to that as that post was about hardwiring.

I checked with a builder, he said he can use a waterproof socket, also the cupboard behind the bathtub is a tiled wall so water is not getting there, but I have my doubts as they could just want to get paid job done and then disappear. Hence, sense checking here.

It was suggested by a builder, not sure how reliable they are. Would they just suggest anything for the sake of picking up a job getting paid and disappear?

you have asked about electics, socket and light, about uneven floor . Suggest you find a good builder ,reccomended by another house owner

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Use a Quinetic light switch. It doesn’t need any cables.

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