Washing Machine in Bathroom

Hi All,

I am considering a remodel to move kitchen into Livingroom so you get one more room, so to save space I am thinking moving washing machine to the bathroom.

We can’t have socket in the bathroom, but are we able to make it hardwire so no sockets and still have a washing machine in the bathroom?

you can have a socket If it is more than 3 metres from the edge of a shower, bath or basin., that would have to be a huge bathroom .Which rules out most bathrooms

the funny thing is it is 3.01 from the bath, but the problem is that it would mean i need a long in and out pipe for the washing machine.

can’t we just make a hardwire? if it is hardwired it is not called a “socket” right? somehow i got a electric tower rail hardwired in the bathroom that is right next to the sink by the original developer.

although on the other side of the wall i do have a series of sockets, cant we just drill a hole and then connect it to the other side of the wall?

I am not sure of the regulation on that .It would certainly be safer.

if the waste pipe is 3m or longer use swept 90 degree bends and at least a 40mm diameter pipe to easily discharge the waste pipe

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