Contacting a landlord

How can i contact a landlord even if the house is no longer available?

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Put a letter thru the letter box and hope

Hi Gabriela, if the property is let then in general the landlord does not want to hear from anyone else. They have actively chosen to take their property off the market.


The landlord replied on the conversation we had when the property was still available.
Anyway, thank You for the information!


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We have a saying… philosopher You remained if you were silent

I dont know what that means

Not sure if this is what you were getting at with your question, but as a landlord I’ve found that as soon as I push the button to say a property has been let then I no longer have easy access to all the email conversations I’ve had with prospective tenants. I have however found I can still access them if I’ve retained a text message or email from open rent notifying me of someones interest. I’ve found I can click a link in those messages and get back to my open rent mailbox and see the conversations again. I may be missing something in how the open rent system works, but find this particular feature very annoying. If this is not what you were getting at please ignore this ramble.


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@Steve1 Hi!
I thought the landlord won’t see the message after the property has been let. But he replied, so still works even if the property is no longer available. Anyway, thank you for your time.

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Better! …

Hi Steve,

As a landlord, you can find all of your conversations with tenants here:

Just click “Tenant Enquiries” next to the relevant property to open up your enquiry conversations.

@Gabriela3, as you may know, you can also continue to message landlords after the property is let. Just go to your dashboard and then click “Your Enquiries” on the sidebar.