Demolition next door to my rental property

Hi all,
The owners of the house next door to my (mid-terrace) rental property are planning to demolish and rebuild the house, which currently stands empty. Planning permission has been in place for a while, so it’s not news to me that this was a possibility. The incumbent tenant is leaving next month and I want to be honest with any prospective new tenants about what might be happening whilst they live there, but if that means I have more trouble finding a tenant or have to charge less rent, do I have any claim against the people doing the demolition or any insurance, or is it just tough luck?!

Tough luck but they should have told you under the Party Wall Act. You can get a surveyor, next door pay for this, so if any damage you are covered He acts for you but they pay. Be sure to do it or you have no claim if any damage

Thank you Colin, really appreciate your advice, I will get in contact with a surveyor.
Best wishes,


No probs Ben make sure he is a Party wall surveyor as surveyors come in different shades