Difficult to rent

Is it only for us or everyone? With everything perfect, credit score , income, recommendation, no smoking, no pet, but we were ‘rejected’ by 3 landlords already as they choose someone else. And many other agencies where we didn’t even get to see the property . Today i tried to ask to rent it directly without any viewing, but looks like is not possible, and again viewings are full :see_no_evil:Is it a ‘problem’ for landlords that we have a kid? 4 years old ?
I am really worried as we have to find another place to leave as our landlord is selling this one 🥲

Hi, I am a landlord and have no clue why you can’t get the property as long as you have good credit (no CCJ), a job, no pets, and no smoking. Where are you living now?

We have a property in the market now, if I want to rent it quickly, we could rent it in just three days. But we want some tenants like you, the property is still in the market. We are not rush at all, because no tenant is better than a bad tenant

so good luck, you will find a dream property.


I was thinking is a problem for some of them that there is a kid
We are looking to rent in Plymouth

Have a nice day