Dishwasher is a deal breaker

I’ve advertised my property recently(7 weeks) and I’m finding that not having a dishwasher is a big deal.

In fact, I’ve been told by at least two renters that’s it’s a deal breaker for them.

Altogether close to 20% of the enquiries have asked this question.
Am I just old fashioned but for me this is close to silly.

Anyone else had similar issues!


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I’ve never offered a dishwasher and never had anyone ask for one. I guess it depends on type of property, mine are all 2 bed flats where it would be unreasonable but if it is a larger family home with a fairly high rent then tenants expectations are probably higher.


I have two dishwashers Colin and Jean . Mostly Jean. no white goods for me


They are being offered in student rentals.
I spoke to my repair guy ( after all he would have to deal with it if it broke down) and he said don’t.
He repairs a lot in rentals. They are always getting blocked with food. Tenants use it as food disposal ( they don’t wash plates in advance).
I had a request from a tenant to put one in an HMO ( just for him lol). I told him to use his hands ( that’s what my dad told me when I asked for one to get out of chores when I was a teenager :wink:)


You’re a bad boy, Colin!

Have a good evening.

Peter :honeybee:

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It’s a 2 bed flat and as you say it’s not required. Unless, they plan to have parties all day long

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:grinning: cheers. Probably best to have no white goods and save any hassle

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Thanks and good to know.
Well that’s just another reason for me not to consider buying one in the future.

As a landlord and a tenant I can’t live without a dishwasher. Sorry but it costs peanuts and it makes such a big difference in the tenants quality of life. If you’re renting to professionals it’s a big must.

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can’t live without a dishwasher ? quality of life. Wow. We all have different ideas of quality. .I have never had a dishwasher. my idea of the quality of life is living in the countryside , sheep and cattle surrounding me. …huge garden , The Clwyd River running thru it… Loads of birds tweeting away. Me at the kitchen sink washing the dishes and an awesome view from every window

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If i have enough room in a kitchen I Will put in the plumbing for a dishwasher. But I never supply white goods anyway .Its less hastle just in case they go wrong.


I agree with you location is great, and a primary factor. However when choosing between two properties in the same neighbourhood, one having a dishwasher and one not having it, the one with the dishwasher gets an edge, all other things being equal.

When I was renting I’ve rejected a place without one as I’m coming late in the evening back from work the least I want is to wash up after making dinner. Call me lazy but I’d rather relax on the sofa than do the dishes, especially if I’ve made something that needed more than a pan to prepare :slight_smile:

It also depends a lot on what your target demographic is. If it’s students, sure they don’t care. If it’s professionals especially medium to high income you’ll need one.

My rental property has integrated appliances like most places in London so not an option for me to rent one without. If it breaks I’ll replace it- it’s been going strong for 6 years now though, knock on wood! Costs about £250 for a standard dishwasher so no big deal!

Both my properties are unfurnished but one has a dishwasher as integrated and the other one we plumbed to have a dishwasher but do not provide. I would provide plumbing if there is space to.

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Just chipping in, I’ve been a tenant for 12 years, alot of tenants now are Molly coddled, if you start putting white goods in then you are responsible for repair or replace. I wouldn’t bother, if you want a long term tenant they will most likely already have their own :innocent:


It’s not the cost more a case of possible unforeseen issues.
As been pointed out, some use it as a food dispenser, could be water leak/electricity issues.


Could argue the same for providing a washing machine, kitchen and fridge. You could wash your clothes by hand after all :slight_smile:

If you’re providing appliances then one more is not an issue, as all of them could be equally abused. If not, that’s a different story.

In the flats I rent out in Greece I don’t provide white goods as it’s not the norm - no other landlords do so why would I?

But in London it’s pretty much mandatory to provide white goods as very few, if any tenants bring their own and all of the properties I’ve ever seen have them, whether furnished or unfurnished. So having a dishwasher is a good plus. Also depends on what rent you are charging.

Don’t know about other places in the country so can’t comment about what the market expectations are.

But if you’re getting feedback from your viewings that this is a problem, then if I were you I might have considered installing one.

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I guess you do what you have to do to get the right tenant in a competitive market according to your areas competition you may have to suck it up.

Boomers renting to millennials comes to mind.

It really depends on the size and quality of your premises.

If its a deal breaker add £35-40 pm to the rent to cover purchase cost, installation, hassle, replacement cleaning on changeouts, extended warranty and PAT testing. If they want it that bad - well !!!

Otherwise stay away from white goods.

Remember we are in uncertain times and this will impact certain areas of the market.

We looking for a house at the moment at having a dishwasher or not does not bother us. Where we live now does not have one.


Is there space for one? It might pay for itself if it reduces your “empty period”.

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