Dishwasher is a deal breaker

Whether in rented or your own accommodation. Cheap dishwashers are a disappointment to all concerned, and a waste of money in my experience.
I think you need a good quality dishwasher, and I often pick them up secondhand, or even free on freecycle.
I have a Bosch slimline at home and it’s transformed my life( Colin!) It gives me time to enjoy all those things you mention, living in the country like you.
The secret is to artfully cram it, correctly, so water jets between everything. I only put mine on every other day and it saves on water compared with hand washing.
I just picked up a full size Bosch ( used twice) for £100, for a rental property?

Hello, I have seen properties where you don’t even get an Oven and Hob, now that’s a big deal.

A dish washer to me is unimportant, however a property with a clothes washer, or at least plumbing for a clothes washer is a bonus.

Just my view.

When you wash the dishes yourself ,you come out with clean hands. Labour saving !


Deal breaker for me that and an electric shower and/or shower curtain .

agree about shower curtain

I don’t get shower curtains they should be obsolete, same as electric showers waste of time. I understand the shower is harder to replace than a shower curtain but you wouldn’t believe how many rental properties still have them. Dishwasher for me is just what I’m used to so wouldn’t rent without now. For me as a renter if you have space put one in , I’ve had dishwashers (decent mid range ) over 15 years in own properties and never had one single issue. Hope you get it rented out :+1:

I have used electric showers for years in my home and rentals. . Easy to replace and my tenants are happy with them.

Some people are easily pleased :woman_shrugging: I’ve never had an electric shower in an old or new build home that is worth the money paid for it. No pressure and an eyesore. Just my opinion.

the reason I use them is if the boiler breaks down You still have an alternative way of getting clean I find them ok .

This is the key ie if you have a combi boiler in a rental then an electric shower is essential as it takes all the pressure off when the boiler breaks down which is usually the Friday of a bank holiday weekend . If you have a system boiler with a hot water cylinder /immersion heater then you already have the back up and en electric shower isn’t needed.


Can you make tenant responsible for any potential issues ie repairs etc for white goods in you have an integrated kitchen?

If you, the landlord, provide white goods you are liable for repair.
As a landlord you are responsible for what you provide unless you gift the goods to the tenancy.
( In social housing white goods are gifted to the tenant so they take responsibility for repair or replacement during the tenancy)

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The social housing association get away with murder compared to the private landlord


Electric showers have come a long way.
We have a gas combi boiler but the showers are electric and water to the taps runs off the combi.
A good quality 10Kwh shower has good pressure.
If the boiler breaks they can use an electric shower and if the shower breaks they can take a bath so we are covered if something breaks down whilst the tenant waits for repair.
It is more expensive on the refurb but it avoids the stress when waiting for repair during a tenancy ( especially in the pandemic as getting parts is taking forever).
The disadvantage of the electric shower is that it does reduce the EPC performance.

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I did not know an electric shower reduces your EPC. By how much?

It’s gone from 5 stars on that particular section to 4 so I don’t know exactly how much it affects the calculation
We installed a brand new Baxi platinum but the calculation was four not five stars ( it was still a C overall)
( that didn’t happen a decade ago)

If it’s a city flat for professionals then I suggest you supply one. I had the same problem so in the end bought a small counter-top one from Currys which two sets of tenants were happy with. It’s a generational thing!

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My flat that I rent out is all electric so don’t have a choice about the shower.

Ah interesting and didn’t know these were available!
Are they easy to install and assuming the connection won’t fit directly to the sink tap.

If I eventually decide to get one and get over the shock of this must have item!

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I have just had to have oxygen