I have just purchased a rental property from a housing association at auction. An EICR has been carried out. The Housing Association will not or cannot supply the certificate, and Somerset Electricians insist the certificate cannot be supplied to me as it is protected under data protection and other laws. My solicitor advises me these laws do not apply as it is a public document and applies only to the property. There is no central register for these certificates, unlike EPC which can be downloaded as required. I had similar issues with the Gas Safety Certificate. Somerset Electricians are very keen to obtain another ÂŁ180 inspection fee from me, I am keen to resist. My Questions Are 1. Can I legally obtain the existing certificate from Somerset Electricians? 2. What use are these certificates if they are held in secret and nobody can demand access?

If not to late put it in your terms and conditions
If not get it done by another electrician and call it a day
You are being fobbed off. Do not give them further business


Are you sure they had it done? Social landlords are exempt. They may be confused and the Electrician may have given you a stock reply without checking.

If you’re certain then I would keep up the pressure, but remember that you can’t let it without one and lost rent will cost you more that a new cert.


Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know social landlords are exempt, hardly fair is it? The tenants are in situ from Housing Association, but I’m a private LL, bought at auction. which makes it an awkward transition. I have cajoled and threatened, but don’t think I’ll get anywhere. The electrician sounds incompetent and only keen to get another £180. Think I may just get it done.


i bought a place from a H A> I just got all the cert s done myself

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If you have to get another very, use a different electrician

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Another certificate, sorry

Hi Colin3, How did you get on with tenancy agreements? Would be interested to learn of any probs you encountered.

i use NRLA ageements any extra bits I just add in and all sign and witness

Might be a little controversial, but when you contact your new tenants, find out if they received these certs from HA and asked them to forward them on to you for inspection. You never know, might solve your problem!


Hi Philip,
May not help, but just relaying my experience.
Don’t understand the Data Protection argument.

I’m surprised if housing association tenants are treated differently to private tenants supplied with a copy EICR, simply because their Landlord is a Housing Association?
Did the Housing Assoc’n use their own Electricians - or a sub-contractor? It’s likely they’d use the same one for maintenance as EICR’s, if you could find that out, e.g. by speaking to previous tenant if you knew them? Or saw a van in the streets they operate.
My Electrician is a member of NICIEC (one of the larger Competent Person Scheme operators). NICIEC hold a list of both “Approved Contractors” and “Domestic Installers”. You can check those on the register by trading name or postcode. I had to chase him for a copy of the EICR Certificate. An EICR is “Notifiable” work. When I got no joy, I contacted NICIEC who confirmed that he hadn’t notified the works carried out at my address - and advised the Electrician must supply it within 28 days [they suggested I go back to them if he didn’t].
I ended up suggesting I “nip to his home address” to collect it if he was too busy - he posted it through my door the next day (:). But NICIEC would’ve stepped in if a member is non-comliant.

Typo - sorry - Non-compliant

Hi Sue, Thanks for your reply. I have concluded that there are Electricians, and then there are electricians. Somerset Electricians are electricians. I’m going to get it re-inspected ASAP. Meanwhile I know it’s already been inspected by Somerset Electricians own admission, and I can only conclude that it was bought up to standard because the fuse box was renewed by another company. In the meantime, if someone gets electrocuted, I’ll have to show the court the emails I have had from an obstructive electrician company and an obstructive housing association. As there is no central register, I know better than anyone what must have gone on. Data protection v electrician negligence. I know where I’d put my money.

They sound like a right pain - if it’s the 27 y.o. Director of Somerset Electricians Ltd, Tyler says on his website - “We believe in being 100% transparent”!
If you know the name of the other Co, isn’t it possible/likely that they did the EICR at the same time that they installed it? Good luck with it all!