Electrical wiring

I wanted to ask a daft question as I am not too familiar with wires but just want to understand if it works this way.

let’s say you have a wire goes up to the ceiling connect a bulb as a light, is there any way to add more light to the ceiling just splits up this one wire? or does it needs additional wiring in the same way to go up to the ceiling for each additional light that I want?

e.g. i have an L shaped hallway and the light is in the corner but i want it to extend something like 3 lights in the hallway so the whole L shape hallway has even lighting.

Any explanation helps!

if al lthe lights are on the same switch and are to come on at the same time then this can be done from the existing ceiling rose

what do you mean existing ceiling rose? how do we do it? just put an extension that is connected with one live and neutral split into a few?

not that easy it all depends HOW the ceiling rose is wired up . i am not going to get you shocked . get an electrician

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