Electricians License to rip you off!

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Hello there Robert21 … I note you are a retired electrician which gives me a bit of a relief.

I am facing similar problems as all the people on this site.

Finding an honest Electrician in London is impossible.

If anyone has any recommendations please advise.

I was wondering if you would be able to confirm something for me in regards to an Electrician’s basic knowledge.

I had an EICR carried out by an electrician and he is attempting to overcharge me for Remedial work which I refuse to let him get away with.

Recently I asked another electrician to take a look at his report and he pointed something out to me. I wanted to run it by you to see if you agreed which would enable me to see how best to handle the situation

He said as follows:

From what I can see, everything was done and noted correctly apart from the C2 code for missing Neutral on circuit 3: the test result on EICR shows that a low resistance value of 0.06 ohms (normal value) had been obtained as opposed to a value of 999>M ohms which would have been the case if there was a missing neutral. This is evidence of false testimony to the results and you have his signature and test paper to prove this.

I’ve attached the EICR report and marked the value 0.06. Could you see if you are in agreement ?

I would be very grateful for your assistance

Marked EICR

I don’t understand the issue you describe. What exactly is stated against the C2? Ps I’m a spark

It’s saying that the value on testing -0.06 ohms does not indicate that it’s missing an earth. If it was the case that it was missing an earth it would read 999>M ohms . So he deliberately entered a C2 to charge more on remedial work as the value 0.06 ohms of a a normal value and should not have been flagged

Can anyone recommend an honest electrician in London please ?

I’m confused, is it a missing Neutral or Earth ?.
If it’s a missing Neutral, then surely your Tenant would have reported this as nothing on that circuit would work.
If you are convinced the electrician is trying to rip you off, I would report it to the NIC.

I retired a long time ago, before all this testing was mandatory, but at least I know if someone is trying to con me. I feel sorry for all the LL who lack knowledge and are at the mercy of unscrupulous electricians.

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Sorry it’s should say missing a neutral but it wasn’t according to my be value found so what I am asking is, is this correct that a value of 0.06 ohms does not indicate a missing neutral

Sorry it should say missing a neutral so my question is , if the value found on testing was 0.06 ohms then does that confirm there wasn’t a missing neutral ? Because if there really was a missing neutral the value would be 999>M ohms and it wasn’t

Note PER reply for £69 ? Above

If you look on the NICEIC register it will give you a list of registered electricians.

There is also a trustworthy mark next to those ones that are reliable.

Send your report to NICEIC and ask for their feedback.

Last time I changed electricians I booked three in consecutively for one house.
I was suspicious so I didn’t pay the guy until I got a second opinion, that afternoon , and told him I was getting a second opinion.

The second electrician passed what the first guy failed.

I didn’t pay the first guy. I did write a complaint to NICEIC with a copy of both reports done on the same day.

The first guy is no longer on the register.

There is a governing body for gas and electrics . Use it to your advantage.


OP . Write to the “spark” and ask them to confirm the regs number that is causing the issue

I don’t understand it

This information should really be on the EICR

What does the rest of the report say ?

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I spoke to NICEIC and NAPIT earlier this year when I had an issue with an electrician claiming work needed to be done in relation to an EICR. Both said that there is no regulatory body for electricians and that they are purely certificate issuing agencies. I was advised to contact Electrical Safety First who are a charity. They gave some straightforward advice. I sent the advice through to the electrician and he had a change of mind pretty soon after.


Thank you for some very helpful information here .

So I have a further question

The current electrician has issued an unsatisfactory report but the remedial works have been carried out and we are in court over the matter as he wanted to charge me for a 2nd EICR which I refused so he filed a claim in small claims court which I am defending so in the interim can I get an EIC report issued to confirm the safety of the remedial works in order to comply with the regulations of informing the council after remedial works have been carried out ? Am I supposed to inform them or is it only if asked ?

I’d be grateful if you could shed some light

Also my Letting agent is asking for a satisfactory report

The remedial work being earthing of a chandelier, a confirmation that an end to end rectification has been carried out correctly and a replacement of an MCB has been done correctly

We have a building regulations certificate of compliance issued in 2015 if that makes any difference