Employer reference email not sending to my employer?

Can anyone help me? I know this issue isn’t to do with me as my girlfriend is having the same issue. We are trying to get our referencing done. Open rent says an email and sms has been sent to my employer for referencing. However nothing is being received. We have done as advised and checked spam/ junk, we have double checked if all details are correct. It is getting frustrating now because we need to get this application done! Plus open rent is not responding to our emails.

Please if anyone could give some advice on what to do it would be appreciated!


I have the same issue!! Let me know if you sort it out.

It seems as though it’s sorted now. The email and text randomly came through about 2-3 days after it was meant to have been sent out. A possible delay with the system? Not sure but hopefully it will be the same for you

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